Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Double Stamp Monday 12/17

 The closest thrift store to our house is a Goodwill. We stop by quite a bit, but I have just never had good luck there. I do much better at the Salvation Army. Lately, however, our luck has been changing. In the past few weeks, we have been doing great at Goodwill.  We also found out that every Monday is double stamp day.  It works like this: You get a value card at Goodwill (pictured above).  For every $5.00 you spend, you get one stamp. But on Mondays, you get 2 stamps! When you get 20 stamps, you get $5.00 off your next purchase. We spent $26 and got 10 stamps!  Half a card! We also got some good stuff:
  • MBT Amali shoes - SOLD! $49.99
  • 2 Ralph Lauren shirts
  • 1 Tapout t shirt
  • 3 coffee cups
  • Clarks Springers shoes
  • Polo Jeans hoodie
Sales have been good lately with these highlights:

 Autumn picked up this Hawaiian Punch telephone (brandy new in styro box) at a yard sale over the summer. It is going to California (not Hawaii).

We got this Starter jacket last Wednesday at the Salvation Army.  Autumn recently got a new cell phone because she wanted to be able to look up items at the thrift stores more efficiently. This jacket was one of the first success stories for the phone! What did we do with her old cell phone, you ask?

We sold it, of course!

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